So, while I can do without all things Wiz Khalifa, sometimes the truth is just the truth. I saw that he named his new album ONIFC or Only Nigga In First Class and while that is mostly true, there was no way I could endorse or associate myself with that moist ass picture he’s using as an album cover.

This morning as I am checking in to head to Cleveland, I noticed that I’m booked in first class and am quite excited of for no other reason than that the TSA process would take a little less time. The line is moving faster than I expected but still terribly slowly and I start to think to myself, “damn that moist dude is just right when he’s right.” I head to the gate pondering my lifes meaning due to this conundrum when I see Al Sharpton in all his permed glory waiting at my gate. While I have to thank the good reverend (who slimmed down considerably thanks to either the Al Roker or the Nate Newton), I once again have to wonder, is this my life now. Me and permed dudes get down the same way? What has my life become?


Produced by Illmind, “No Ordinary Love” was first featured on Illmind’s Blaps, Rhymes & Life series and on D-Black’s EP, Long Story Short. Director Akil Bakari (Luv4Art Media) has now provided a visual for what is considered to be one of D-Black’s greatest records to date. Please enjoy and feel free to leave feedback. Your anticipated support is greatly appreciated!

Watch the homies get down!!! 

I am DDL1, and I endorse this message.





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  • me: You can tell her to @ me next time
  • The Homie: she's way cute
  • but way broken
  • she's also not an orca
  • she's a big girl
  • but not by any means a decepticon
  • me: You could have stopped at broken.
  • I've read some blog entries.
  • She's got more issues than Jet

Yeah, this may happen by 4 if i don’t leave early.

This is still the movement.

This is still the movement.

Big L Rest In Peace

Rest in Peace Jay Dilla

Rest in peace Big Pun

I know how this guy feels this morning.